Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vaisnava Ekadasi Calendar

Vaisnava Ekadasi Calendar updates you about next Ekadasi fast. It has a countdown timer which displays number of days left for next Ekadasi fasting. It also shows Gregorian date and Gaurabda date side-by-side.
On Ekadasi fasting day and next day, one can note Break Fast timings. Breaking of fast is also known as Parana time. All timings on this page including Ekadasi Parana are adjusted for DST (Daylight Saving Time), if applicable.
Apart from above details, other details for the day like Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, Noon, Naksatra prevailing at sunrise, percentage of Naksatra passed at sunrise and Yoga at sunrise, are listed at right column.
Arunodaya Tithi at sunrise and Brahma Muhurta are also listed. Brahma Muhurta starts at Arunodaya moment; hence page doesn’t show Arunodaya time separately.
All three Sandhya period, morning, noon and evening, are also listed. This page shows Lahiri Ayanamsa value at sunrise. Sunsign and Moonsign shows Zodiac in which Sun and Moon were at sunrise respectively.

Ekadasi Calendar has been created independent of Gaurabda Calendar. However it follows same Ekadasi rules as those followed by Gaurabda Calendar. Ideally both calendars should match. If you find any mismatch it might be due to software error in either of the software.
Please post a comment on this page if you want to report any discrepancy between Drik Panchang and Gaurabda calendar. We will update you about that.
This page supports more than 20,000+ location across the globe. Even after that significant locations might be missing from the database of supported cities. Please post request to include you city if it missing in the database.
You can also post any suggestions to improve the page.

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